Spa Services

      Exotic spa treatments for men include a royal treat to skin care and hair care services. Anti-dandruff, anti-hairfall treatments are the ideal solutions to your bad hair days and neglect of hair care. These treatments repair and rebuild hair strands and work effectively on the scalp to improve the health and shine of hair. Hair spa is a facial for hair which will restore life and glow to your hair.

      Among skin care services, the Gold facial, Skin Lightening facial, Spa Immerse and Royale pedicure and manicure do what is known as absolute pampering of the weary and tanned skin. The Gold facial is for skin brightening and improving skin vitality. Skin Lightening facial revives the skin to reveal fairer skin and de-stress the skin of weariness and pollution effects. Royale care for your hands and feet through intense moisturizing keeps your hands and feet well-groomed and neat.

      Spa treatment is incomplete without body care massage. Chair massage and hand & feet massage are specifically for relaxing the neck, shoulders, hands and feet. It instantly rejuvenates and de-stresses your muscles which get tired due to long hours of travel, incorrect sitting postures, lifestyle diseases and stressed limbs. Spa treatment is quick relief and instant pain reliever; the relaxation exercises will keep you healthy and ready to brave challenges and stress.